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    Last week I spent a couple days in South Bend. Hadn't been there in a few years and deciced I needed to revesit the Studebaker National Museum along with a stop at Notre Dame. I had e-mailed Andrew Beckman (?Curator/Archivist?) at the museum before going over there and explained that I was looking for some info on my car from the archives while I was over there. He told me to contact him when I arrived. I did as he said and I was amazed when I met Mr. Beckman. I guess, first of all, I expected some wrinkled grumpy old man. Also, I was surprised that a guy that has a museum to run would take the time to take me into the archives and help me look up information. He was very helpful and the SNM and the Studebaker community in general is lucky to have someone maintaining the archives and/or running the museum that takes the time to care for, organize, and share all the valuable information that's been collected through the years. Anybody that's interested in Studebakers must visit the museum. While you're there...say HI to Mr. Beckman. He may be hard to find. I think he's kinda busy. Oh yeah, Notre Dame is pretty cool also.

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    Andy is indeed an asset to the SNM. I have shared this story before, so here's the short version~

    On my fist visit to the Museum I was sad to find that two of the cars I had traveled so far to see were nowhere to be found. I asked one of the ladies in the gift shop about that, and just then Andy walked by. She called him over, and explained the situation. He told me that if I could wait a few minutes he would show me what I had come to see. I did and was very happy when he took me upstairs to see Jack's cars. He didn't have to take the time that he did, but was happy to do so- making me a happy camper as well.
    Thank you Andy, you made September 11, 2001 a day I will never forget for a good reason!!!
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      I agree, Andy is a huge asset.... as are most of the SNM staff. When there, let them know (and a letter to the Museum wouldn't hurt either).


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        Originally posted by Deaf Mute View Post
        I agree, Andy is a huge asset.... as are most of the SNM staff. When there, let them know (and a letter to the Museum wouldn't hurt either).
        I sent Andy an e-mail as soon as I returned home thanking him. Even better...send a donation to the museum or 'adopt' a display. I noticed a lot of displays (both cars and old wagons) that had been adopted by club chapters and even individuals. We are the best old car club in the world and we have a museum to be proud of and it should be supported by the thousands of Studebaker faithful!