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Another '62 GT on the road..........finally

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  • Another '62 GT on the road..........finally

    Finally got my rust free(lie one) California car(lie two) road ready(lie three) 1962 GT where I can actually take it out and drive it. Probably took longer than it should have to replace all 6 freeze plugs and flush the cooling system, but now it is done. I do have a question on the Studebaker power steering. With the engine off it still seems to steer very easily unlike my experience with other cars where it takes definite muscle to steer with a dead engine. Am I right assuming that the power steering on the Hawk is just an assist to the basic standard steering rather than full blown power steering?? I am also looking for a front body mount crossmember, I seem to have the lightweight 'racing' version but the lightening on mine was by rust, not careful trimming!!

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    Show us some pics, and maybe someone else will comment.


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      You are correct about the Studebaker being power assist. It is possible to steer a Studebaker with the the power steering out of action. I believe the steering ratio is different so the effort is more than a non-assisted car, but not like fighting a car with full power steering.

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        Steering was far from hard on the 1962 with a dead engine. When i get to the 1964 GT I am tempted to remove all the power steering because it appears to leak everywhere and honestly that is a very 'fiddly' design with a whole lot of complicated plumbing. Was there a change in the steering on the 1964 GT over the earlier as I sort of remember it being much harder to steer on a dead engine.