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eBay parts ----one too many surfboards with Felix the Cat

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  • eBay parts ----one too many surfboards with Felix the Cat

    I got sick of all the junk on ebay parts, so I made up a fresh list of the junk vendors. (It seems eBay changes their format every now and then. My old list recently quit working.) This is assuming you have already narrowed it down to Studebaker parts to begin with.

    Can I post the list here for others to use, too? If the moderators say its OK, I'll edit this post and add the list on to the end of it. If not, just drop me a PM. I'll email you the list as a simple ANSI text.

    Copy it to your computer clipboard. When at ebay, look in the left column for "More Refinements." Click on "Seller". Checkmark "Only show items from". Under "Specific sellers" make sure you have selected "Exclude" and then paste my file in the text box to the right of "exclude". Save the edited page as a bookmark. You might want to add even more vendors to the "exclude" list, but this gives you a half-hour head start! This cut out over one whole page of junk items from my search.

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    Wow! Talk about junk, eBay has it!
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      With prices climbing all the time........1


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        That is one way of cutting down on the junk listings, but you are only allowed to remove 50 sellers doing it that way.
        The way I do it is, search for "Studebaker -stores". This will cut more than 20,000 junk items out of your search.
        You must enter it exactly the way I have it between the quotes. For awhile there were also a lot of car covers in the search so I made it "Studebaker -stores,-covers". You can add any word of what you don't want included in your search.
        Just make sure to separate the words with a ",", and put the minus sign before the word with no space.