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64 hawk restoration lt fender

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  • 64 hawk restoration lt fender

    Got my LT fender ready to paint today and some small parts. NOS fender but been on the car for 37 yrs so not sure if that still makes it nos or not. More original than the factory fender was. Should have it painted some time today so will post a shot of it when done.

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    Got everything painted today that I had ready. Now to let it dry, wet sand and two more coats of clear and they should be ready to buff. Got the doors block sanded and buffed out waiting to go back on the car. Going to try to build a rack for them this weekend out of some peices of 2x6, 2x4s and some old carpet.


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      Looks terrific!!!!


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        Got the fender wet sanded and buffed this weekend. Tried my hand at restoring the stainless. Not perfect but better that what I started with. May have it down pat by the time I get the whole car done. The w/o mldg is next and waiting on some peices from SI. so I can install the front spear and vent door. Then sandblast and epoxy prime the headlight bucket and it's ready to set a side and wait to install on the car when done.


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          Beautiful Work!!


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            Enjoying seeing the progress.Maybe in the next few weeks I will get a chance to venture up your way to see whats happening.
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              Once a part is mounted on the car it is no longer NOS.
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