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Saw this morning: Stolen 50 stude truck

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  • Saw this morning: Stolen 50 stude truck

    What do you think:

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    Roy. Hope you find your truck. Don't you wish you could put these scum 6' under.


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      If someone makes payments, it's always best to hold the truck/car until the final payment. Someone tried this on me when I was selling an almost new Triumph motorcycle in 1973. When I told him payments were OK, but I would hold the bike until after the final payment, he got angry. How stupid did he think I was?
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        Why would anyone "sell" a vehicle without first getting paid? If you are willing to let an unknown person drive off with your vehicle without receiving payment you probably will not receive much sympathy.
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          Uh...This was not Roy's truck, or transaction. Roy SAW this ad on craigslist. The owner's name is Bob.
          (read it backwards)

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            I too have trouble understanding why anybody would sell a vehicle (or house, or even a horse) to somebody who did not have the money to buy it.
            If buyer A does not have the money, there is a buyer B or C.
            And if buyer A is so low in funds that no bank would loan him the full amount on a credit card, or in another form, what makes the seller think that he is a great candidate to pay the seller?

            This isn't a stolen car at all. He gave the car to the deadbeat with his eyes wide open (and his brain shut off).