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63 Avanti Steering box Input Spline

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  • 63 Avanti Steering box Input Spline

    I'm looking for the size and number of splines on the imput shaft for and Avanti steering box.
    My Avanti is still tucked away and I'm looking at installing a tilt column.
    The column has a 1 inch double D end and I need to know what I need to attach it to the steering box.
    Any help would be appreciated

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    My 63 has a 3/4" X 36 spline at the stub coming out of the box.


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      Wouldn't there be a rag-joint between the steering box and the new steering column ?


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        The rag joint is resistance welded to the end of the column.


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          Yes, I plan on using a rag joint but I needed the spline count to get the proper one.
          They also make universals to work as a connection but they recommend a rag joint to reduce vibration from the steering thru the steering column.
          All non tilt columns seem to have the upper flange of the rag joint welded to the steering shaft from the column.
          Tilt wheels normally have a splined shaft on the column end and all normally from the factory have rag joints.
          I plan on using an aftermarket steering column because I want to be able to tilt it up as the factory one only went down.