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Did Studebaker make Aluminum boats?

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  • Did Studebaker make Aluminum boats?

    I was browsing the Tulsa, Oklahoma Craigslist yesterday and came across a posting for a "Studebaker" 14' Aluminum lake boat. it looked to be made in the late 40's to mid 50's and does defenatly have Studebaker logos in cast aluminum Script on either side of the stern. Just wondering as I've never seen One?
    Patrick Sammon

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    No they didn't. They were made in Topeks, Ks.


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      Some boat manufactures used Studebaker C/K back windows as windshields in the 50's and 60's.


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        This comes up every year or two. The builders lived in the Topeka, Kansas area and are Studebaker descendants with no other connection to the car company. They first built very tough and heavy aluminum boats, and later pontoon boats and fiberglass boats. Last I heard, a son, Gary, still lives in the area. They can still be found around mid-America lakes. Here's some pics of one and here's a brochure
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