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Ex-Studebaker workers tour old assembly plant on Lafayette Blvd.

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  • Ex-Studebaker workers tour old assembly plant on Lafayette Blvd.

    Also in the Sunday (April 28, 2013) South Bend Tribune:,1639294.story

    and more photo here:
    Lew Schucart
    Editor, Avanti Magazine

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    Thanks for posting the article. I imagine how thrilled those former Stude employees were to be back in the building where they were empoyed so many years ago.
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      Thanks. Neat to see. Been outside of the building many times but had never seen any of the inside.


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        I saved that paper when it came on Sunday. I'm the guy standing behind Lou looking out the window. First time I ever made it on the front page of the paper!
        Chris Dresbach


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          i thought that was you in the pic, Chris.

          i really hope a video will be produced for us far away that can't make it.

          BTW: thanks for the bricks from the engineering building! i just rec'd them late last week. a "postal carrier" left them at a neighbor's house that had been out of town for awhile...
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            I`d be running around with a metal detector checking if there`s any loot buried around the place . . .


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              See any Studebakers around being stored?
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                Originally posted by 57pack View Post
                See any Studebakers around being stored?
                As a matter of fact I know of at least two.
                Chris Dresbach