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When do you know that a project has gotten out of hand?

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  • When do you know that a project has gotten out of hand?


    When do yu know that a project has gotten completely out of hand?


    When a simple "I'll just replace those couple of pieces of rotten wood" turn into this:

    I am hoping the patient lives when I get done. I am not a guy who works with wood normally but luckily the wife is wood friendly. I will keep you posted. This started when we decided to get serious about selling the camper and we were addressing a few issues that had been brought up by perspective buyers. I just did know when to stop.

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    Do it right; do it once !
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      I suggest you use native redwood.
      In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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        Since this is the only 1952 Studebaker camper we know of to exist I know that fixing it right is very important. Besides that I still plan to drive it until it sells and if it doesn't sell we are planning to drive it to Colorado for the national meet. The funny part is some of the worst wood was in the bathroom. So imagine your in there just doing your business and the next thing you know your sitting outside with your pants down. Fuuny if it's not you. Besides with all the cameras around today you just know it would be on facebook and youtube before you could blink. So it will be made better than new and ready for the national if needed.


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          Oh, I'll just replace that one rocker panel!
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            Lookin' good Dan, but this thread is VERY SCARY to me!!!
            Why? Well...

            there is a TON of wood in a 1950 Studebaker/Superior bus, that's why!!!!
            Especially one that has been converted into an RV like mine...

            Say, does anyone know what became of that '55 (or '56?) Stude rv up in Redding?
            I think it was on CraigsList about 6 or 8 months ago.
            Seemed like a deal for the 'right' person.

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              When do I know the project has gotten out of hand.......

              As soon as it rolls off the car trailer.........
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