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  • Studes In Local Car Show

    There are many times when there is one, or maybe two, Studes in a local car show. Yesterday was quite interesting. As we pulled into a local show with our '64 GT, my Grand-son exclaimed there is another Hawk coming behind us. Not only another Hawk, but another '64 GT, owner Bob Kuehne (Del Mar Va chapter). There was only one car between us in the show row (maybe 250 total cars) which added to the interest in our cars. Also there was a mechanically modified '36 Stude sedan - model unknown. Obviously three of the best looking cars in the show. No photos.

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    That's a neat coincidence! always cool when your not the only Stude owner at a show. I always tend to see a few avanti's and larks at the local shows around town in Wi.


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      This reminds me of a Hudson Valley Chapter show where four 1964 Hawks showed up. I found this to be very unusual for a small, local meet (and my 1964 Hawk was not one of them - I was there with a Lark).
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        Car shows? In central Minnesota we have 3 inches of snow cover and it is currently snowing heavily. The state and county snowplows are likely out at this moment spreading salt on the highways. Do me a favor and bring your camera with next time that you attend a car show so that I can see photos of warmer weather!
        In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.