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  • Time to begin a new project!

    Well, since winter is over (!!!!!), I brought the 1985 Avanti around to the garage this morning to begin some work. It's equipped with what was referred to as a HO305 engine backed up by a 700R4 auto trans. Over the winter I 'freshened up' a small block 400CI Chevy....and dropping that engine in will be the first project. The 400 was removed from a '73 Avanti, so I have all the associated install parts including the Turbo 400 auto trans. I'm hoping the 700R4 will handle the extra torque, as the O/D feature is hard to beat.....but the Turbo 400 may indeed end up back behind this replacement engine. It still amazes Me that an engine with the exact appearance and physical size of the original 305 packs an extra 95 cubic inches.....Looking forward to driving this '85!
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    You'll love that combo, Torque throughout the rpm range and a highway gear to just loaf at 70+.

    When it's in and you form your opinion, Please post specs like cam, rear gearing, etc.

    The only small difference is the length and size of the 700 trans but the beauty of SBC's is they all are alike from 57 to 98 on the outside. Well! small cosmetic differences but the 400 is the top of the line as a torque monster. I'd start with the 700R4 and not look back, they were built to handle 350's in the improving engine era in large cars and trucks.

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      Thanks Bob, I have two engines to install (hopefully by June 1st!) This 400 Chevy in the '85, and an overhauled short block (259) for a friend's '55 President Speedster. I don't have the info in front of me, but I'll find it and post where I bought the Chevy engine internals....I felt there prices (with shipping) were very reasonable, and the parts arrived very quickly. The Speedster engine internals came from 'The Man', my friend David Thibeault.