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    When I look at this EBAY ad with over 5 days to go and bid up to $13,000.00 I am amazed at what is happening with Avanti prices. This is an R1 with a non standard interior, an engine bay that has been painted black and the ad mentions the car needs paint work to boot!
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    Springtime is a good time to sell a car...especially a car that's ready to drive and enjoy, even if not concours. Maybe the effects of write ups in Hemmings' various magazines and recognition of its 50th anniversary has something to do with it as well
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      I agree that spring is a good time to sell but before I'd use this one data point to indicate the increased value of Avanti's I'd first see what the final sale price is. And secondly, as I look at this one, I see a very nice apparently original car. The dash has no cracks in the vinyl and the instruments have little to no corrosion.

      The chrome I see is excellent for the age and paint shows no obvious major flaws. This car appears to be a very well maintained and cared for 64,000 mile survivor.

      The cost to put it on the road and proudly drive it appears minimal and I think those factors are at work on this vehicle. Most or all of the expensive things usually needed to be redone are in good shape and, I believe that is reflected in the bidding.

      A quick look at the number of bidders shows quite a few and that could bode well for the final price.



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        I sure do not see anything "Not to Love". It looks like a very clean well cared for Car easily worth $13,000.00 in this or any Market. I notice no Buy It Now and no reserve, it's pretty much Sold.

        Sure it has a Velour type Fabric re-upholstery job well done, a Black Console and ash tray, a dark colored Instrument cluster Panel, and added stereo and Speakers, missing "Studebaker" script, but OK Carpets, Good Chrome and Paint, (from the Pics).
        None would be big value killers, I don't think.

        It is a quite Early car which CAN affect the quality and details, but most buyers do not know or care.
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          I noticed the ad for this car shortly after it was listed and guessed it would only bring about $10,000 but was quickly proven wrong. I had hoped that Avanti prices would remain soft so that I could soon afford one but this may be a sign that the times are a changin'.
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            It seems like a Nice original car... I've been online searching for the last few years but have slowed my pace a bit after seeing some prices. I figure I need to save around 15-25gs to purchase my dream 63 in running/ good condition or go to a project one and spend 5-9gs to begin.