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1963 R2 Lark "The Whistler"

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  • There's a nice photo of The Whistler in the March issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines in the coverage of MCACN last November.



    • What a great video.
      Only wish he had a better video camera..
      HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      Note: SDC# 070190 (and earlier...)


      • Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK View Post
        What a great video.
        Only wish he had a better video camera..
        Roger that, Jeff.

        Dan sent me a CD of the same footage and it is identical to what is linked on You-Tube.

        We certainly appreciate his enthusiasm nonetheless. BP

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        • Great video very impressed some very strong positive words about the Whistler and the overall show. Bob I got the same care package in the mail very impressed. Glad everybody enjoyed it thanks John Kroulik


          • Today, March 7 at the Arizona Annual March Gathering, John, Loralee, and Mike Lynch and others brought The Whisler down to Tucson, where John found the car 6 years ago at Chuck Naugles StudyAcres.

            It was so quiet that I think the name should be changed to The Whisperer. Actually, that should be John Kroulik's name since he is the ultimate Studebaker Whisperer.

            Bob Miles