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1963 R2 Lark "The Whistler"

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  • It's amazing the quality of your work, being in a tight space. I have found aligning up the doors is easier after I put the rubber in and it settles into it.


    • Yes it coming along a bit slow for a one man assembly-line. I get a little help from my son my wife and daughter my friend Mike Lynch comes over on the weekends to push me along. Mike help me out with following up with Will Sanders at Starlight Studebaker and getting the rest of NOS Blue Interior for The Whistler I'm not sure where or how Will came up with the rest of it but he did. Sebastian's been doing a great job keeping you all updated with pictures and posts I pretty much have every hard to find parts for the car now. So now I have no excuses. Paint will be going on about the second week of August pictures to come on that wish me luck Thanks for the support all that have posted. November is right around the corner here I come Chicago.


      • Its Blue (mist)

        After a bit of extended effort to get the body just right, and a tropical storm to drop the temperature down in Phoenix, it was time to lay paint.
        Because of the sodium vapor light, there is a yellow tint to the pictures the phone camera cant filter out..

        Applying the base coat..

        And adding a bit of shine..



        • Looking great. See you in Chicago.


          • Well about Chicago it's not in the cards this year. Sorry to let you all down. I've had to many set backs on the project. I sincerely wish I could . But there's always next year and it will be there under its own power. So once again sorry but I'm sure it's going to be a great one whether it's there or not. John Kroulik


            • John, we just hope to see you there this year!

              Take your time on your car and get 'er done right, and we'll see it next year!!



              • Great progress!
                HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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                • WOO-HOO, John; great work. BP
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                  • Wholly Cow!


                    I cant believe I have not posted anything in a while. It took a Grand Canyon meeting at the Martin museum to kick me into gear..

                    Was surprised to see George Krem at the meet as well. I showed up late, so I didn't get many photos of the cars, but it was a nice turn out.

                    When I finally did arrive, I handed John the restored Carburetor for the Whistler..

                    Not much for a post but hope you enjoy and know its in the works..



                    • It's nice to see an update, and the carburetor looks like a piece of art! Hope to see the Whistler complete this year.


                      • Thanks for the update. I was a bit afraid I had discouraged you a bit with rushing and having my car lettered at the MCACN. I think your car and its history is more impressive and I admire what you have done and hope you get it to MCACN next year. I am starting to think that restoring a Stude period drag car is about as "cool" as it can be.


                        • You need a pair of pie crusts for the rear.
                          james r pepper


                          • Jim, I know, I will order a set before early May (from Towel City I think) when I take Ed's loaners back (to SB). So I have less stuff setting around...his are still on the car, but jacked up so they are not touching the ground in the heated garage (had to add that to make Ed know I am taking care of the old stock loaners)


                            • I was fortunate enough to go to Phoenix Saturday thanks to my neighbor, Shawn Miller. Met some faces that I'd seen before at the La Palma meets & a few new faces too! Hearing now George Krem was there & not meeting him is a bummer but the highlight of the day for me after the meet was going to John's place & seeing the Whistler in person! It looks terrific! All the work that's gone into it is nothing short of top notch. Thanks John for the tour of your place. It capped off a great day & I'm looking forward to going down there again.
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                              • I cannot think of a better advertisement for the upcoming Pacific Southwest Zone meet in 2020 than to see the Whistler.

                                Bob Miles
                                Pacific Southwest Zone Coordinator