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No such thing as bad publicity?

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  • No such thing as bad publicity?

    I was watching this video story:
    and I'm afraid Studebaker made a current mention at Bonneville, but it wasn't a positive mention.

    At least he sounded like he knew about 'em. :-\

    Was it someone anyone on the list knows by chance?

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    Bad publicity? I wouldn't say it's bad publicity. These things happen out there Bonneville. It's not tarmac, it's more like sand, gravel, or any other loose medium, and it's not uncommon to have a spin out, Studebakers included. Luckily it didn't go any further than that, because it could have gotten really, really ugly, which also happens out there too. Even Granatelli had traction issues while racing out there at Bonneville, so it goes back to the production days. Studebakers are regularly seen out there, so I would presume he knew about the cars, but the track is also shared with everything else from bicycles to semis. I don't know if they condition the track or not out there after something like that, but it sounded like he was irritated that it tore up the far end of the track(I would be too if the racer in front of me did the same), and he just had to work with what he was given.
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      I agree with you on the rider's perception. It woulda been more pleasant to have a generic reference to a Studebaker at Bonneville other than it spun out and tore up the track. I am a little surprised that the track smoothing hadn't been handled better.