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New Mirrors for Stu Cool

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  • New Mirrors for Stu Cool

    I have never liked the mirrors that were on the car when I got it. They are rectangular and everything else about the car is more rounded so they just did not "fit". Here is the old mirror.

    Click image for larger version

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    I have been looking at different cars for quite a while trying to find mirrors I thought would look good. I was finally forced to act when the mounting base of my drivers mirror cracked and it actually blew off going down the road. I had decided on mirrors from either a Mazda Miata or a Buick Park Avenue so off to Pick and Pull I went. Finding likely candidates, I decided on the Miata mirrors and went with the manual version for simplicity of installation. Imagine my delight when I found, with a little massaging, they would actually mount to the same holes that my old mirrors attached with! So, I have refinished and painted my new mirrors and now have them installed. Pardon the little blue pieces of tape, I am doing my annual paint chip repair and they are marking the spots so I can finish once the paint dries. And now here are the new mirrors.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    If the time comes when I repaint the car, I will move them forward some, but for now they are quite functional.
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    I like!

    Like you, I searched the world over for mirrors that, to my mind, picked up the lines of the hood.

    I wound up using Dodge Dynasty mirrors....

    Ya done good!
    Dave Lester


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      looking good!

      See ya Sunday!
      StudeRick & Johna
      Sacramento CA

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        I like them a lot. I'll be checking them out up close on Sunday. They look sturdier and a little bigger without being too big.

        Did you get a second set for Connie?
        Jon Stalnaker
        Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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          Look'n good Pat!


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            If it was my car I'd use some tal bot lago shelby style mirrors but these look so much better than those square mirrors, looks alot more natural this way, have ever seen the 87 monte carlo mirrors, always thought those would be a good balance between classic and modern


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              In my opinion those new ones are a HUGE improvement over the old square ones. They look awesome! You really have a good eye for that.
              1961 Flamingo Studebaker Hawk


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                To each his or her own, but I just really don't like painted mirrors in car color and the round ones look out of place on your car Pat. but looks like I'am just one that doesn't like them, your car your money, your mirrors, your still a good guy in my books.
                Castro Valley,