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1957 Silver Hawk on Ebay

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  • 1957 Silver Hawk on Ebay

    The guy only provided 3 photos. Is anyone familiar with the car. You might be saving me a trip to Ohio.

    Sent me a PM if you have any information.

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    I do not know the car, Don.

    I see you are from Pittsburg, so I assume you know where Lorain OH is, 'way up there in one of the "rustiest" industrial areas on the lake, as to wear and tear on cars.

    The car looks very nice, but in that environment, I would think you'd want eyeballs on the ground to check it out. BP
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      Those 3 pix were taken in the summer. But which summer? The lister is, "selling it for a friend". Might want to give "Juan" a call, as the lister suggests. I have learned the hard way about date of pix.


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        Yes, I am familiar with the Lorian area. My sister lived in North Olmsted for decades and one of my nephews still lives in Lakewood.
        Perhaps the Hawk came from another part of the country. I once bought a 1960 Lark with factory A/C in the Cleveland area. No one, except me, went to look at it. It turned out to be a Texas car that was never driven in Ohio.
        The lister stated that he would post more, new pictures this evening.
        If the car interests you, I suggest looking at it.
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          Bought my car in Kentucky, but it was delivered to Ohio as per the production order. It needed everything. Classic Enterprises helped and it needed every panel they made for a C/K.
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