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ready to give up on my voltage regulator

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  • ready to give up on my voltage regulator

    I have posted on this site and the AACA forum and nobody seems to have any information as to what regulator I need for the generator that I have on my car. I listed all of the generator name plate information earlier and cannot find any matches on the internet. I have even asked two generator rebuilding shops and they would only say that it needs to be an A circuit regulator which doesn't seem to mean anything to anybody. They are willing to order one for me for over $100 though. I am at a point where I either have to pay their price or take a chance on buying the right one on my own. the problem is that you cannot go by the make and year of the car because I believe the generator is not the original one.
    When I find out how to determine this and what yhe A and B circuit is, I will post on this forum so that others can get some use from my frustrations.
    1978 Avanti II

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    Dave, I sent another pm.
    Joseph R. Zeiger


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      What year and model is your car?

      Have you opened up the voltage regulator and checked to see if the points are welded or corroded?

      As a general rule, there are only 4 different voltage regulators on post war Studes, until you get into alternators in 63.

      1. 6 volt delco on V-8 and Commander six cars
      2. 6 volt Autolite on Champions
      3. 12 volt delco on V-8 cars
      4. 12 volt Autolite on Champions

      I can give you the Napa number if you tell me the year and model of your car. With that number, you can search many suppliers for equivalent regulators. beware of imported regulators. Try to find a name brand.

      You need to make sure that your car has the right generator and that the generator works properly before installing a new regulator. A bad generator, or bad wire connections, or a noise suppression condenser in the wrong place can kill a new regulator.
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        Bought my 6 volt Delco type for bout 60.00 Oreilly's and Advance sell the same brand. {BWD} is the brand. cheers jimmijim
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          ....I'd recommend buying the correct generator and regulator at this time rather than twisting down the same road again for you or someone else//


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            Thanks to all that replied to my problem. I think I found the answer. The guy that tested my generator said that I needed an A circuit regulator. In looking in the shop manual for my 60 Lark, it shows both the A annd B circuit regulators. The A circuit is the one with two terminals on one side and one on the other. So, if he is correct I now think I know which one to get.
            1978 Avanti II


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              Chrysler Corp owned the Electric Autolite Co. for many years, so it's no surprise to see that name on the tag.
              I think you wrote your generator numbers wrong. I believe all the GJP series have 7000 numbers. Early 60S Larks used an 'A' circuit generator. Mid-year they changed to a 'B' circuit. The generator you have now is a 'B' circuit.
              'A' circuit wiring has the field wires grounded externally through the voltage regulator. 'B' circuits have the field wires grounded inside the generator, to the case or to the grounded brush.
              The generator you have now is a 'B' circuit.

              Click image for larger version

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                Chrysler never owned Autolite .
                They sold a lot of parts to Chrysler and had them put the Chrysler name tags on.
                Ford bought the "Autolite" name and the company continued to be known as the
                "Prestolite Co" but made the same stuff.
                Ford also produced "Autolite" named products along the same lines.
                Robert Kapteyn


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                  I went out and looked at the generator label with a magnifying glass. The best I could come up with is thaat the label says
                  GJ then obsucured but looks like a C then the next number I cant read then 012A. That would make it GJ 021A. You said the gen were 700 series so, this might make it GJC 7012A. I checked on line and there is such a Chrysler/AutoLite number. The Chrysler Service Manual says that this number uses an AutoLite regulator #VRX 6201A.

                  Other info on the gen is---
                  part #1770754
                  serial #3N014201

                  Also, the generator shop that tested my generator said that I needed an "A" circiut regulator.

                  1978 Avanti II


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                    I should have added that my car is a 1960 Lark serial #60S-L6-2991
                    1978 Avanti II