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Max displacement for commander 245 block??

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  • Max displacement for commander 245 block??

    Just curios him many cubes you could get and what kinda HP you could get out of a commander engine.

    Any pics of hopped up 245???

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    Those engines tend to be a real workhouse with a LOT of Torque and a huge stroke, but a tiny bore which limits them to low RPM and slow revving.
    They are not really a good "Hot Rod" Engine but perfect for what many, many of them were sold for; powering flatbed and stakebed 1, 1 1/2 and 2 Ton Farm Trucks and Dump Trucks.

    Very little speed equipment was ever made for them, but there were as you know, a few Aluminum higher compression Heads and 2 -1 Barrel Manifolds.

    I would bet there is quite a bit of cylinder wall thickness in there if someone had one Ultrasound checked.
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      The valves and ports are so small and the stroke is so long, conventional hot rod methods such as a larger bore don't do much. The only way to get a real horsepower boost is to add a turbocharger.

      jack vines


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        Hey John, how about adding a Kaiser Supercharger set-up.(McCulloch)
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