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'40 Champion on James List - Chevy F10 drive train and running gear.

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  • '40 Champion on James List - Chevy F10 drive train and running gear.

    Kind of liked it until I saw the interior.
    Mike O'Handley, Cat Herder Third Class
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    There are a few things I would change, but that could be a nice restomod for somebody. I wish they would have posted photos of the engine, truck, and chassis though.
    Chris Dresbach


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      I'm not too wild about the choice of upholstery material, but overall it looks like a nice car. You are right about needing pictures of the rest of the car.
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        Maybe I am slipping, but what is a "Chevy F10"? Perhaps they mean a Chevrolet S10.
        Gary L.
        Wappinger, NY

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          I actually like some tweeds for custom street rodder type cars, but this looks more like indoor-outdoor carpet. Could use some bumpers, but I doubt there's an easy way to put any on without some serious bracketry. Seems kind of pricey for the level and type of completion. But at least there is no VAT.

          And yeah, it must be an S10 frame. The only F10 I know of was a FWD Datsun/Nissan
          JohnP, driving & reviving
          60 Lark & 58 Scotsman 4dr