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Is voltage regulator shorted out?

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  • Is voltage regulator shorted out?

    I have just purchased a 1960 Lark and the Batt wire was not connected to the voltage regulator. The field and armature wires were connected from the generator. When I tried to cannect the battery wire it just arced as it would if it was a direct short to ground. I believe I had this happen on my corvair and I replaced the regulator which fixed it. How do I test to see if it is shorted out? I would think I should use an ohm meter/continuity tester between the battery terminal and a ground. I'm thinking that I should also check both generator posts to the case.
    Can someone verify what I should do? I don't want to just buy a regulator if that's not the problem because they are about $85.
    1978 Avanti II

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    The Regulator should be isolated from ground, so I would think the issue is in the generator.
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      Take the cover off and see if the points are welded together.
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