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  • 63/64 R series engine article

    Folks, in the "No Limits" e-magazine issue that came to me today, there is an article about R series engines some of us have already seen, but well worth checking out anyway and real good for 1st timers ! I believe I signed up for this "zine" by going to the Wild about Cars website as recommended by one of the forum members a while back. Check it out at I have nothing to do with the company, just love car stuff and thought I would share the knowledge, ha ! John

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    The camshaft specifications in the June 1963Car Life article in their archives has always bothered me. Has anyone seen the R3 camshaft spec 38-90-90-38 published anywhere else? That would equal 308 degrees advertised duration.

    jack vines


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      Thanks for the plug. I'm the Studebaker Brand Manager for No Limits, but have been sidelined with hospital and rehab stuff lately. I appreciate the mention. We are also adding as much material to the Automobile History Preservation library and getting good original materials scanned in at high resolution, cataloging, and cross referencing. There are currently over 116,000 pages in the library. No Limits is free. Access to the library is also free but does require registration to verify real people rather than bots.

      Also, the SDC is the featured car club this month at No Limits.
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        got mine today via e-mail. great info, Jim!
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          Enjoyed the articles and researched some on the test race cars. Interesting to know the two test track magazine cars were both 64 Commander sedans. What were the colors and what were the strip colors. I assume a white strip. Was this stripping a dealer add on on something the factory provided in house? Questions: the photo of the rear suspension on the 64 Super Lark has a very unusual traction control stabilizer bar. Appears to be curve up and then curves again over to a holding bolt. The shakles on my commander look like this shackle but is missing this odd stabilizer link system. Anyone know the story on this stabilizer system. Have never seen this design before. And don't see the normal straight bar traction control link that is welded from the tube axle and secured with bolt/bushings.

          Never knew the 64 Super Commander had a side mount blower. Always thought they had wide belt top mount configuration because of spacing. Question: Is the side mount hardware the same system used on the 63 side mount Avanti? What about the water manifold? (thanks)
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