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48-52 Stude 4-door -left side NOS rubber Gravel Shield just unearthed ....

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  • 48-52 Stude 4-door -left side NOS rubber Gravel Shield just unearthed ....

    ‘48-‘52? Stude 4-door -left side NOS rubber Gravel Shield just unearthed … value??

    I just dug out this from my many piles in an effort to get my stuff cleaned out ...
    It appears to have never been mounted ... but definitely has some shelf ware & scuffs ..
    I gently washed it and not have applied any chemicals to it (i.e. tire shine)

    Take a look at it and let me know what you think would be a fair asking price ….

    (I think I had a mate … so I am still searching for it.)

    I know someone would love to have a pair of these
    Or maybe just one.., in this case

    maybe the are one year only?? .... I searched G images and can't seem to find any pictures that are really clear

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    The pattern looks like a 52 to me. I don't remember if the 51 was the same or not. I think the earlier cars are different, but of course it would fit.
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      This is correct for 50-52 4 door cars but will also fit 47-49 4 Doors

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        I have them stock on a 1950- 9 G 4 door Champion in the garage.


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          You could PM me as I could sure use a set for my 52 Champion. Dont know about price but I suspect we could come to terms .. Thanks DMc


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            Maybe Schrock Brothers would like it as a master for reproduction?

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              In my quest to find the other mate for the 4 door gravel guard above..

              I found this right hand rubber gravel guard '50-'52 for a 2 door Starlite coupe
              It also looks NOS -(or early take off in the 50's?) but has suffered some shelf wear and tear as well

              and I did not use anything on it to make it shine . tire shine

              any idea on the value of this one?

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