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  • Lark may arrive today

    I talked to the trucker on Wednesday and he had just left Los Angeles with my 1960 Lark convertible and said he could be here in Tennessee with it this weekend or Monday at the latest. I'm waiting for his call and hoping it will get here today. Rally gettingexcited! I've been looking at Studebaker International on line but don't know yet what parts I'll need if any. I do know I'll need to get a Studebaker embroidered golf shirt somewhere. I have already joined the Drivers club and the local chapter.
    1978 Avanti II

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    Uh-oh, the trucker isn't one of those guys from the Shipping Wars show, is he (or she)?
    Winston-Salem, NC
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      Get your camera out, Dave. You'll want to have pictures of it being unloaded. BP
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        Welcome to the SDC family! Make sure to get the shop, chassis, and body manuals for your car. These will go a long way in assisting you gaining the knowledge needed maintain the vehicle and to communicate with vendors when the need arises. Hope your Studebaker experience will be long and enjoyable.
        John Clary
        Greer, SC

        SDC member since 1975


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          Hi Dave,
          I'm fairly new to this site also. The Studebaker International Inc. catalog is only $3.50 mailed out. Look on page 40 for the golf shirts. My parts I'v ordered have been on time and excellent shape.
          I agree with the other gentlemen-----we need pics. Good luck on your delivery.......If you need to work on your car---some of these guys are very good at it.


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            Originally posted by r1lark View Post
            Uh-oh, the trucker isn't one of those guys from the Shipping Wars show, is he (or she)?
            After watching that show I made sure I would NEVER use any of those bozoes. Talk about the things people go on tv for to get money, they're just as bad as the BooBoo. I can't watch the show now, those doofuses make me cringe.


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              This trucking company was great! He took very good care of the car and kept me informed of when the delivery would be. Very nice guy and. Small company with very personal service. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

              3 Brothers Auto
              2523 Oak Knob Rd.
              Lafayette, TN 37083
              817 320-6923
              1978 Avanti II