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Looking for help on my new 1960 Lark convertible

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  • Looking for help on my new 1960 Lark convertible

    I just purchased a 1960 Lark convertible from California. I am in Tennessee and am anxiously awaiting it to be delivered in probably about two weeks.
    In looking at the pictures, it appears that the air cleaner is missing and the radio is not the original but a radio with an 8 track player. So, I am not sure what type or where to get a new air cleaner. Also, the vin number given to me on the bill of sale is. 60S-B4807. I have searched all over the net and cannot find out how to read this. I am also looking for a good source for parts. I own a 1963 Corvair Spyder convertible and parts are redily available from Clark's corvair parts and I was wondering if there was something like that for the Studebaker.

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    Velcome to the forum.

    There are several large Studebaker parts dealers and many small ones scattered around the country.

    If you subscribe to the Studebaker club magazine, each month there are technical and historic articles, as well as ads from the major parts suppliers.

    All of the technical literature for your car has been reprinted and it is better quality than many marques of the day.

    The shop manual will tell you a lot about how to fix and adjust the car.

    The chassis parts books and the body parts books show almost every part and have pictures of how the parts interconnect with each other. They also give the part numbers, so you can order the correct part from the vendors, and you can also determine if a part from another year of Studebaker will fit.

    You can also buy the production order for your car, which will tell when it was built, what equipment was originally fitted, and to where it was shipped.

    There is a lot of information available about Studebakers and your car in particular.

    You can also ask questions here and get a lot of good, and some whacky, answers.
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      the air cleaner shouldn't be too difficult to locate. If you have the original flathead 6 engine, I'll bet there are 100 in the state of CA itself. An original radio can be had with little problem by asking here or the Swap Page......look around....GL


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        Welcome! I strongly recommend that you join the Studebaker Drivers Club, from this site.

        What you call a VIN is the car's Serial Number. The "60S" indicates a 1960 six cylinder car. The "B4807" does not "compute". Maybe it is 84807. I can't get to my books to look up the proper S/N range, just now.

        Do not expect that 170 cid flathead six to be a ball of fire hauling that heavy convertible body around.
        There are MANY vendors of Studebaker parts. To me, the prime one is Studebaker International.
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          Welcome aboard! If you want help on a stude with a side of pleasant banter, you'll like it here. Some of these guys have forgotten more about Studes than I'll ever know.

          I LOVE the 60 Lark. I have two that, were it not for a twist of fate, I'd definitely not be selling at this time. My grandpa had a hardtop.

          For your VIN number/serial number, you should look up the Studebaker national museum. For about $30 you can order the build sheet for your car. You should get this. It will give you all the details of what went into your car at the factory, so you can figure out what you still do and don't have. The previous post on your serial number is correct: There number you've got is off. After the year and engine designation (60S in your case), the only letter you would find in a serial number would be an I, which was actually technically a 1. The B might very well be an 8. But if you call the Museum, they could help you decipher that better. Also, there are a few people on this forum who have personally thumbed through all those records, so if one of them reads this and is feeling generous, you might get a little history from them as well.

          If there's only one manual you buy for the car, get the shop manual. It's saved me more than once. There's a CD for sale that has the shop manual along with a few other books (I believe you can buy it through the museum, or maybe at Studebaker International). I have the hard paper book as well as the CD, and both serve a purpose.

          Join the club. Not just the national club, but the local chapter. The guys in my chapter have helped me a number of times. A couple of them run a parts supply business that has kept my car on the road. There are probably similar people in your area; the local chapter is a great place to find them.

          Last note, if you have pictures, post them. We thrive on photos around here. Be prepared that every now and then somone makes a less than complimentary response, but they are the rare exception. Most of us can appreciate just about anything with Studebaker in it's name!

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            Is that the red one from Beverly Hills dealer? Sure looked like a bargain to me.
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              Welcome fellow 1960 Lark owner,

              Lark VIII girl


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                Dave, congradulations on your "new" 60 Lark convertible. A wise choice I have to admit & even wiser in coming here. There are lots of us that own the early series Larks & many are proud owners of convertibles, myself included. As has been suggested, put a ad in the Studebaker swap page in the things you'll find you need once the car is delivered & you have the chance to go over your needs.

                Here is the link:
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                  According to my information the serial numbers were from 60S-1001 to 60S-67261. Engine numbers were from S106001 to S172600 located on the upper left side of the block. All the best with the car, the folks here will be able to answer any question you ask (can't recall someone not knowing required information).
                  John Clements
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                    Yes that is the one at Beverly Hills Car Club and it was also on Hemmings Clssic on line. Hard to tell just from photos but there appeared to be no rust and a very clean under carriage. They said that it had a (salvage title) and that it had been in hurricane Sandy but never submerged. They have run it and driven it. I suspect the previous owner collected insurance, they let him keep the car and he sold it for a double dip. I'm not sure exactly what a salvage title means but they assue me that I will be able to register the car. I believe the car was partially restored in the not too distant past because the gasketing around the trunk looks fresh. I hope the engine was rebuilt as well. Will post some photos when I receive her. Need to start considering a new name for her.
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                      ...round here, a salvage title allows for unabated insuring and registration......just documented so any new owner knows what he's getting...


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                        Each state probably has its own criteria for requiring salvage titles. It sure would be nice for you to know the specifics of what led to it being salvaged. I once bought a 1999 Subaru 4wd wagon for my wife with 40, 000 miles and a salvage title for a couple thousand bucks. It was in an accident, totaled by the insurance company and rebuilt. I was able to contact (with the dealer's help) the previous owner (a salvage car rebuilder) and got the specifics of what the damage was. Bottom line, it told me exactly where to look to inspect the "rebuilding". I only had to add a few misc bolts they left out. Turned out to be the best used car we ever bought (other than my Hawk, of course!) Lots of folks run away from salvaged rebuilders and I think they overlook some potential tremendous values.

                        Anyway, if you can get some specifics it'll help you focus your attention on the areas that caused it to be salvaged. Ebven though they said it was run and driven after Sandy, the first thing I'd do is change ALL the fluids just in case before running it.

                        I'll echo others and invite you to join the SDC and a chapter nearest you. Click image for larger version

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                          Wow, that sounds like a great name for her since she was apparently in hurricane Sandy. I saw a picture of LARK8GIRL's Lark convertible with the continental kit and it looks incredible. If I can ever find one it will be on the back end of my car.
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                            I am going to join the SDC and the local chapter this week.
                            1978 Avanti II