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  • Cruise Control & MPG

    I have pretty much gotten the bugs ironed out of the CC installed recently. Initially, it tended to "hunt" a little too much and only kept speeds within 3-5 MPH; it also would kick off once in awhile. Since I installed a vacuum can (about the size of a softball), it now holds speed to + or - 2 MPH, and gas mileage has went up a little.
    Using CC whenever possible, the last three fill-ups have yielded 18, 18.5 and 22 MPG. The 18 and 18.5 were mostly what I call "town & country" driving; the 22 was about 85 per cent interstate driving today, to & from church about 85 miles up the road.
    This is one the 62 GT with EFI.

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    Joe, what size tires and r/a ratio? Thanks. Dan


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      It has 205/75 tires, 3.54 rear end, T85 tranny that results in a 2.55 final drive ratio when in 3rd gear OD. Today's road speed was right around 70 MPH which is around 2300 RPM.


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        The original point, which I forgot to make, is that it looks like the CC resulted in about a 1 MPG increase, overall.