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dumb 289 question

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  • dumb 289 question

    Putting the dist in a Packard 58L (289)... which cylinder is # 1? jim

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    The one closest to the car's left headlight. BP
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      Thx bob...


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        ...or closest to the timing mark tab, if you forget which side is left....


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          Originally posted by 63 R2 Hawk View Post
          ...or closest to the timing mark tab, if you forget which side is left....
          I remember that... got the dist in ok...can't seem to remember where I put the rotor their talking $18 for one special ordered, taking a week to get here... does that sound right... or better yet... any tips for an easy-to--get rotor? jim


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            The price is whatever it is.
            You could tell them it is for a pre-1957 Buick, Pontiac, Olds, Cadillac or Chevy. V8 but if it is not on the shelf, I guess that will not help!

            You are in Hesperia, so Turning Wheels advertisers: Studebaker Parts and Service Long Beach, Orange County Studebaker, Studebakers West, or even Studebakers Northwest are on the West Coast and 1 to 4 days USPS away.
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              Thank you... much appreciated... lots easier a sell... if you can listen to the motor run... jim