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Vacuum switch for wig-wag stoplight

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  • Vacuum switch for wig-wag stoplight

    Still trying to get my wig-wag stoplight set up. I've been told that propane safety switches as used on forklifts can be used to activate the wig-wag, but all the local forklift places laughed at me when I asked if they had any 6-volt units. Does anyone out there have a recommendation (and a source) for what I might use to provide vacuum to the stoplight when I step on the brakes? Thanks. Tom

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    If they are not too expensive, you might try a 12 volt one and see if it runs on 6 volts. Sometimes it will work. There are lots of 12 volt relays that still work on 6 volts.

    BTW, when asking for something out of the ordinary, and you get laughed at, that only means the laughers are a--holes with limited imagination.
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      Excellent advice. I found one more forklift parts place and a knowledgeable counter man. He fixed me up with a 12-volt unit hat works great on 6-volts on the bench for $56. Thanks. Tom


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        Since you are operatig using a vacuum instead of pressure you may need to reverse the in/out port connections.
        Or maybe not -- depending on the seal construction.
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