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Hemi Hawk (for Matt Pettigrew)

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    Originally posted by studegary View Post

    Matt- Bring him another hood rod rubber bumper when you go back <G> "to put the stainless on after it's painted" <G,G>.
    I guess my secret is out. That chrome spray paint is some great stuff.


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      I installed a '58 392" Chrysler Imperial Hemi and cast-iron Torqueflite into a '58 Studebaker Silver Hawk. Not really practical for the street, but I did use it as an everyday driver. Had to scoop the hood as on this
      GT Hawk.
      I read or saw that Hemis in general aren't a very good DD engine. They're used in drag racing because of the restriction (I guess in the class) to only have 2 valves per cylinder. Of course, I would be very happy in a company where I could use older technology, which doesn't cost much of anything to improve upon (no new molds to make/buy) and still keep the stock prices up and consumer loyalty cemented because of a name. I might not make too many people happy with that last statement.
      Coral/Beige 1953 Studebaker Commander Starlight.