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Some interesting Studebaker statistics…test your knowledge

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  • tomlewis
    Dick---If the steel strike was in June and July 1952, someone at the Studebaker Spotlight was really clairvoyant in February, 1950. Tom

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  • Studebaker Wheel
    The steel strike was in June and July 1952.

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  • bosshoss61
    The article brings back memories of my own pay in 1971.
    My first real job paid $2.25/hr. working on ice machines and hanging gutters.
    So from 1946 to 1950, just shy of 20,000 Studes were sold.
    Good article. When was the steel strike?

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  • unclemiltie
    Autoworkers have sure came a long way relative to the pay and benefits they now have.

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  • BobPalma
    An intresting quiz, Dick. So as to not give away the answers, I'll fess up as to how I did by percentages:

    Peak Peacetime Employment: 'Way off; I guessed only 30% of the actual total.

    Average hourly take-home pay 1950: 'Came real close; I guessed 85% of the actual figure.

    Ditto the above, 1941: 'Got even closer yet; I guessed 110% of the actual figure.

    Stockholders at Peak: WAG was 'way off; I guessed there were about 80% more stockholders than there actually were!


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  • Some interesting Studebaker statistics…test your knowledge

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