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Wow: Scotsman P/U with a 245 Six

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  • Wow: Scotsman P/U with a 245 Six

    Pretty rare:

    Looks nice, too, with a "convenient" load of snow. BP
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    I have seen one before it was North of Los Angeles, a '58 or '59 Scotsman with a Long Bed, 4 Speed and optional 245 Engine, quite rare. No Deluxe grille package though.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
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      Woops, another Group 24F (Wrong) Battery, and Oh MY Gosh...NO HOLD DOWN!

      It is amazing how many '47 to '54 Stude. Cars and all "C" Cab Trucks with the (Wrong) Ford or Ford repro Clutch and Brake Pedals, no one ever went to a Stude. Dealer for their Studebaker, Ford, Dodge Pedals!
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        Aw, Pedal Pushers..........that's what those Ford dealers were......and the buyers with stick shifts as well. {:= )
        That truck looks like a good way out of the cold ..... ..... for the adventurous.


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          Another '59 Scotty

          This '59 Scotsman with the Deluxe Grill package was at the Pacific Can-Am Zone Meet in Portland, Oregon in 2008. This truck had the Commander 6 engine with a 4 spd. stick as I recall. IIRC the owner lived in Vancouver, Wa.

          Click image for larger version

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          Mark Hayden
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            I have owned two 1959 Scotsman pickups, both with the DeLuxe Grille Package.
            Gary L.
            Wappinger, NY

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              .....could be wrong, but.....looks like a "quickie" paint job for eBay.....