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Rare '53 Stude convertible FS in Ohio.

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    Originally posted by Starlight View Post
    How about some pics of your car......Would love to see it
    Click on my signature link for lots of pictures.
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      Originally posted by candbstudebakers View Post
      Here is a picture I took of it or something like it but I don't remember where. maybe someone else knows the area of where this was taken.

      Looks like a parking lot in downtown South Bend. If the rear fenders weren't so long it remonds me of Bob Bourke's '53 "sports model".
      Chris Dresbach


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        It could have been built by the Schrock Brothers. However, I have met them and have seen several examples of their work. I know they are not exactly "Spring Chickens," but they would have had to be awfully young to have built it in the '50's. Even did they get a GT Hawk dash years before the GT's were produced?

        It is possible that the car has been "built," and "re-built" more than once. Calling it a convertible is probably not technically correct because I don't think it has a functioning top. Looks to me that it is a "fair weather" car only practical when the weather allows. On some of the pictures, I could see snaps where there is probably a cover to protect it from the elements, however...I think if there was a functioning top to be proud of...there would be pictures posted to show it off.

        This is not intended to be a totally negative attack on the car. There is a pretty neat charm to it. The fender extensions and continental kit was an aftermarket offering of the period. I have seen them on regular coupes and although they look pretty cool...from certain angles they can look kinda goofy. I think there was another style continental kit offered that didn't include the fender extensions.

        For the right price, this could be a fairly cool cruise-in and parade car.
        John Clary
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          It's all a matter of personal taste, but I have never really had a love for continental kits, even the seamless looking ones. I will say that the quality of the work done looks impressive, but the style isn't exciting me. Maybe without the continental kit. THat being said, this car likely excites someone, and I hope that person gets a fair deal on it.

          Maybe this is a mid to late 60's Schrock, and the person posting it just fat-fingered the 5 key instead of the 6. It has happened, and would explain the dash.
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            I have a pic of that car at South Bend in 1997..
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