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1969 Avanti II Road Test

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  • 1969 Avanti II Road Test

    Car and Track road test of a supercharged 1969 Avanti II. Pretty good film for its age. Here's the link -

    I wonder if this was Robert Morrison's personal car?


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    It probably was, but I've seen different accounts that muddy the history of the car. I've seen where the car was listed as a '68 and this video says it's a '69. Some have said there were two supercharged Avanti II's but I've not seen any proof of that.

    One article has stated the bright red supercharged car was built for Robert Morrison and that Nate Altman thought it was a monstrosity. Another story stated the car was built for high-speed Bonneville runs. It's possible both stories are correct...Morrison could have purchased the car instead of it's being used for such purposes or allowed it to be used for that but I know of no evidence that any Avanti II was driven at Bonneville during that time frame.

    The video states that 7.75-15 tires were used on the wonder the car was smoking the tires so impressively! Modern rubber would make the tests more impressive, but that's just wishful thinking.

    About eight or ten years ago, what I believe was that very car was for sale on Ebay. I thought about bidding on it but didn't. I've pretty much kicked myself in the pants for not going after it ever since. Who knows where it's at right now?
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      An SDC Ocean Bay Member owns a very nice '63 Avanti that has a Chevy 327 conversion and is supercharged, with a setup that closely resembles an R2 Avanti installation. Kind of surprises me the Altmans didn't do
      something like that, instead of mounting the blower so high it required that ungainly hood mod.


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        That was cool, always loved Car and Track tests...showed the cars like they really were, flaws and all. You figure that Avanti was peg-legged without a TT diff, it seems to only melt the passenger side tire?
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