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Help needed to ID engine gasket kit please

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  • Help needed to ID engine gasket kit please

    I have a McCord "Valve Grinding Set" (I can barely read the the middle word but I think that's what it says). It has head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, valve stem seals, etc. The number on the box is McCord number VG-6386-1. Box says it replaces 1549701 and 702 for Studebaker V8, Avanti 1963, and Studebaker V8, 61-63.

    What does this really fit? R1, R2 Avanti, 259, 289? Also, approximately what is it worth? Thanks.

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    YES, Yes, and yes.

    It's old so things like Valve Cover grommets, Valve Seals can be toast.

    New FelPro Head sets are about $60.00 to $99.00, half of current value would be $30.00 to $49.50

    Usually the McCord sets did have multiple fit items since it says both Std. V-8 and Avanti.

    It could even have R3 Head Gaskets, (not likely but possible) Avanti partial blocked heat riser port silver Steel Intake Gaskets as well as Stock ones, Eight Valve Cover Grommets and early & late V/C gaskets to fit '51 to early 1960 AND late '60 to '64.

    Also a Stromberg 2 Brl., a Carter WCFB, and Carter AFB 4 Brl. Gaskets.

    It was most likely made in 1963 hence no '64 applications.
    If all or some of the above are present in good shape, they MAY be worth a bit more than 1/2 current $.

    These Old Stock sets were more complete and the McCords were High Quality.
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