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Want to Buy 1931 optional Diablo hood ornament

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  • Want to Buy 1931 optional Diablo hood ornament

    I wanted to put a feeler out there and see if anyone owns a 1931 Diablo hood ornament and would consider or has considered selling.

    I know it sounds silly, but with all the tire kickers out there in the world, I want to add that I am a serious buyer and by no means look to waste anyones time or energy.

    Feel free to reply here or to PM me


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    They are out there.. I just sold mine yesterday on ebay.

    It made a great watch holder!


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      I saw, sadly I was working at that hour and was unable to put in a higher bid. Would gladly have purchased it from you.


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        Kordista - you need to learn about E-Snipe.
        No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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          Thank you Roscomacaw, I have learned something new today, i didn't even know such a product existed out there. I have always bid manually with varying amounts of success.

          This being said, if anyone knows of any others of these out there, please let me know.


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            There are 2 types out there. I have never seen one that was in many of the factory photos. The one Matt sold is the other french version. There are a few of those around. The other type has been reproduced. Gary Walters of the ASC took the french one and had a artist rework it to be of the factory type from photos. He then had a mold made and cast them in stainless steel. They came out very good. Maybe Quinn will post a photo.


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              The only one that I had seen in a museum before was the one similar to the one sold by Matt. On the base of the museum version it was notched to accept the top of the cap which had a groove running down it (purely from memory).

              I have seen photos of the other version of the diablo hood ornament which was more finely detailed and had the forks running vertically instead of horizontally among other differences. I was under the impression that both of these were factory options back in 1931, is this not the case? I believe that I had heard about Gary Walters reproductions. Were his the ones which combined the two designs into one?


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                The reason it is said both are correct is that there is a accessory catalog that shows the french version. But in all the factory and period photos only the detailed chrome one is seen on the cars.


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                  See thread http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...-hood-orniment


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                    For the record these are not hood ornaments since they do not fit on the hood. They are radiator ornaments or preferably radiator mascots.
                    Richard Quinn
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