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New IN State Museum promo w/ '50 Champion

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  • New IN State Museum promo w/ '50 Champion

    'Went into our License Branch today to get a fresh title underway for the Texas Wagonaire. (Rule #1: When you acquire another collector car, immediately turn in the title and title it in your name so your spouse/estate doesn't have trouble disposing of it upon your demise.)

    Anyway, lo and behold, here was a fresh addition to the literature rack, soliciting Hoosiers to buy a specialty license plate about Abraham Lincoln:

    I immediately recognized the '50 (by the reflections in the bullet-nose) as having been photographed right where it is on display at The New Indiana State Museum. It is, in fact, the same car photographed below when it arrived from Ohio mid-September 2000 for ultimate display in the new museum, which was not yet under construction at the time:

    Cool beans. BP
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    Everybody loves Lincoln...
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      Originally posted by JBOYLE View Post
      Everybody loves Lincoln...
      May be true in northern Indiana, but in all my travels and time spent south of the Indy area, I saw more "Stars and Bars" than I did back home in Texas...


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        So ...did Abe Lincoln ever own a Studebaker ...carriage, wagon, whatnot???
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          The last vehicle the President ever rode in was bought by the Studebaker brothers, but not sure otherwise...