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Video: Poe & Harbit @ 2011 Martin FAST Drags

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  • Video: Poe & Harbit @ 2011 Martin FAST Drags

    Here's a cool 2-minute video of Richard Poe's R1 Lark Custom and Ted Harbit's R2 Stude Tomato at the 2011 Martin MI F.A.S.T. drag races. They both won their shootouts.

    For particulars on these specific races, see Ted's report in the center column of Page 30 in the January 2012 (not 2013) Turning Wheels.

    Thanks, Richard Poe, for sending this along. BP
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    Wow ! Very cool


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      Another Video came up related to this as they always do about a Green Monster.

      What is this? Did we ever talk about a new Machine that Richard has? I have never seen Pics or heard of this, I missed the Memo.

      This Lime Green Monster looks very fast, it Really Hauls! I have to wonder what is in there other than the obvious custom Ram Plenum Intake on a unsupercharged Studebaker V8?
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        Thanks Bob for posting the video. It was a good day for Studebakers.
        The green car is my 1964 Challenger and you are correct that it's a Studebaker V8 under the scoop and the ram intake. The intake is a loaner from Ted and came off the Chicken Hawk. I changed it to a single four barrel carb. Nothing but Studebaker power here.
        I have been working on the car for the last few years and spent the summer testing it on the 1/8th mile. This was the first time it hooked up and made a clean pass and it ran a best of 7.94@87.5 that day. I still have work to do, thanks for asking.
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