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1941 Studebaker Champion - Jalopnik Classic Review 2/4/13

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  • 1941 Studebaker Champion - Jalopnik Classic Review 2/4/13

    Anybody see this nice article on the '41 Champion and its 17 year-old driver?
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    Dang..... I was just gonna post that.
    You beat me by 3 minutes.

    It's a great review - VERY in depth.
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      That's a great report. I'm very glad to see another young guy my age into '40-'41 Studebakers!!! I think it's kinda funny how the author says that chances are the only other kid that has a '41 Studebaker at that age must live in Cuba or somewhere. ha.
      I will agree with him on one thing, the first time you get behind the wheel of the prewar Studebaker like that the breaks are scary, especially when you are used to boosted, disc brakes; but you get used to it fast if you want to survive the days drive. That's also such a sweet looking car. I've often wished that they would have came out with the two tone paint jobs in 1940 instead of '41. I think that paint stripe adds a lot of character to the car.
      Chris Dresbach


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        What a great car and a great article. Glad to see you have company in the Studebaker youth market Chris.
        Pat Dilling
        Olivehurst, CA
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          Love the car, the article and the fact that young guy has the car. What a great grandfather he has.
          Joe Roberts
          '61 R1 Champ
          '65 Cruiser
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