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I smell gasoline..

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  • I smell gasoline..

    ..and I am in my house.. Oh yeah..IT'S ME..! started as a I seemed a little JB Weld on the passenger side bracket.. I scrapped and cleaned..then degreased.. Mix my JB Weld (this never really works for me..another shot in the dark lazy hope)

    I had run the tank to almost dry..soooo.. Figuring this did it the trick..last night I fill the tank..

    This morning..I have a large leak now..ugh..and a full tank..and it looks like the PO glued the drain..

    Will check when I have time.. The Stude is parked outside until I can drain and drop the tank. I have a gravel and Arizona dirt (and gasoline) driveway..on 5 acres

    So the fireball can be seen..and heard..but not felt..


    Tankless in Tucson..
    AKA Ken

    What I do when I am not here..

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    Time to do it the right way. Just take it to your friendly local Radiator shop.

    Get them to clean and seal it and install a Brass drain plug. I am not sure I would trust a brass draincock like the factory used for Car Show Cars.
    Maybe if it is always Garaged, it would safe from thieves.
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    • #3 was just a lazy day attempt..

      Need to drain and off for repair..
      AKA Ken

      What I do when I am not here..