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'57 GH salvage from Hurricane Sandy - just what a Stude needs is salt water!

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    Man I'd take a lot of little detail work to stop any further damage from left over salt. But I bet It'd cheap to get it running again. I wouldn't resto it though, as it sits it'd be a car you wouldn't be to scared to drive anywhere, but would look nice enough until you were looking for something wrong with it. I love the gold/white combo if it was close I would have to go look at it, I mean, a little over 3k into it, another grand to get it runnin' good, and you'd have a good lookin' driver type car. I think it's a steal if it's as good as it looks.


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      I used my son's I-Pad and blew each pic up quite large. Looks like mostly surface rust, but it is everywhere. Mostly surface, but also some that was there long before Sandy came to town. Closest I can find to a water line is on the left door pillar, in pic #3 IIRC. There's also probably a reason why the left kick panel is missing. Reminds me of a 56J I bought in San Diego one time, that had been sitting outside about 20 years in the salt air, except this one's been semi-inside in salt air.

      It also suffers from the dreaded rear windows "won't stay closed" syndrome, on both sides.

      It still would make an excellent driver, with a little work.


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        Well guys; she went for 6900$. Still a great price but a long way from the 3500$ it was at when first saw this thread. I feel a little better now, if it had went for that low I would like it was the oppurtunity of a lifetime missed by all of us.


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          OK who bought it? No need to be silent now............LOL.
          It is an addiction!


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            Joe B,
            I'd say we can look for it on fleabay in 6-12 months. It will be interesting to see how the ad will be worded.