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'57 GH salvage from Hurricane Sandy - just what a Stude needs is salt water!

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  • '57 GH salvage from Hurricane Sandy - just what a Stude needs is salt water!

    A friend alerted me to this

    Doesn't look too bad, but knowing how Studes will rust in a climate controlled warehouse, just imagine adding some salt water.

    jack vines

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    If the exterior is any indication of how the car was maintained before Sandy, I'd think it would be very restore-able. Of course you know what they say about books and their covers.

    Does the door paint color in the photo Jack posted above look a little mis-matched to anyone else? Collision repair maybe? Or maybe the door is original and the front and the fenders were painted after prior rust repair? Who knows.

    EDIT: I just realized they had some interior and under the hood pics too. It really does look nice. Too bad there aren't any pics from the underbody, or trunk, or those other fun Stude rust spots. Still, this thing might be a real bargain to the right person.
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      Got the factory-standard tweaked hood, too, I see.

      You'd need to disassemble the whole car and wash out the sheet metal...

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        This thing looks quite good.


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          I see its missing the supercharger to.


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            Also a power window car, too.

            Mr. Bill
            Hamlet, NC


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              Looks like a 10-15 year old resto that has been sitting 5-10 years. Wonder if the owner is deceased. With a little cleanup and refurbishing, it would make an excellent driver !


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                Too bad there is not a water line to know exactly how deep the vehicle was submerged - if at all. Be interested to see the insurance settlement to see exactly why it was totaled...

                Clearly not fully under water -


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                  Two questions. If you were bidding, how high would you go? Also what do you think the winning bid will be?


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                    I like the look of this GH (who wouldn't?) but it sure looks to Me like rust is creeping out everywhere on it.


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                      The bid is at $3050 and the reserve HAS BEEN MET. To me, it looks like a lot of car in that price range. You could bring it back, part it out or use the parts to make another K body a GH.

                      New York State does not issue titles for pre-1973 cars. Selling it on a transferable registration and with a Bill of Sale is the correct procedure.

                      My 1957 Golden Hawk was black. It was turned into a white car after I sold it. This car also looks like it went from black to white. I do not remember the Serial Number of mine, but the Engine Number was/is PS3000. My car had power windows and power seat, as this car appears to have, but mine was overdrive with vinyl seats, that this car isn't. If it is my old car with changes, I can tell a buyer a lot about it, especially mechanically (all good). The last that I knew, my car was still in NYS. I doubt that this car is it. However, I am not familiar with this car.

                      This GH is now a LONG ways from where Sandy flooded cars. I guess that it was transported there for the sale/salvage company. It is about 250 miles, one way, from me. If it was closer, I would check it out. I am not in the market. Go for it!
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                        Hope it gets saved and not parted out.
                        It would be great if the buyer is an SDC mermber and keeps us informed about the work ahead.
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                          Looks like a much better starting point than most for a resto, especially at this price point.
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                            Wish it were closer so I could see what's salvageable on it.
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                              I believe it could be on the road in about 10-20 labor hours. Then, drive the heck out of it, and see what kinda bugs shake out from there. Odds are, it would make an excellent driver.
                              Alternately, a person could buy it, then begin a major restoration, and have it turn up again down the road in a similar auction as now.