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Got the build sheet for my '64

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  • Got the build sheet for my '64

    Yesterday I got the build sheet for my '64 Cruiser parts car. It lists as follows:
    S/N 64V-11650
    Date to ship: 10/18/63 Date Written: 10/08/63 Line No: 9073 Factory order: 49815 Body: 2287 Ig. Key No: 5406 Final Assembly Date: 10/14/63 Engine: PK310 Final Destination: South Bend, IN. Zone Code: 21 A. Ship Via: 1 lot 151

    64V Y9 4219 8 Cyl. 4dr Cruiser
    13 P Bermuda Brown
    14 945 BRV
    19 Flight O Matic
    51A Firestone Tires
    51B 670 WHT
    57 Tinted glass windshield only
    60 Climatizer
    63 Electric windows
    70 undercoat
    X79 Wheel disc

    Anybody care to decode some of it? I'm not exactly sure what 945 BRV means or shipping "1 lot 151"? And does X79 indicate disc brakes? If that's the case it was changed at some point.

    While at the archives I looked at the P.O. for my '48 LC. Oddly enough its original shipping destination was Kansas! It's amazing how some cars find their way back to South Bend, and it has been here a while.
    Chris Dresbach

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    BRV means brown vinyl upholstery. X79 is full wheel covers (I think).


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      Originally posted by studefan View Post
      BRV means brown vinyl upholstery. X79 is full wheel covers (I think).
      Yes, it's full Wheel Covers, the "X" always means loose item (in the trunk).

      The "Electric Windows" should read: Elect. (Deluxe Automatic) W/S Washer

      The 6.70X15 Firestone Tires are optional Oversize, Std. on Hawk/Wagonaire. It would have had 6.40X15's.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        #63 "ELECTRIC WINDS" is not 'electric windows' as the Production Order implies!! #63 is for 'Electric Windshield Washer'.