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    I had problems with cokers and put Diamond backs on my truck. They had 70,000 miles on them when the truck was totaled.


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      I think they "make the car" !

      And How! The word that comes to my mind is "classy"

      stude-sled: I had problems with cokers and put Diamond backs on my truck. They had 70,000 miles on them when the truck was totaled.

      Yup, next set will be Diamond Backs.

      Off topic but--- I wondered how You like this Hawk? it a good driver?...plenty of power?....The car really looks great!

      Not that off topic. I'm really proud of this GH, and love to talk about it. Previous owners had really taken good car of her. She has the interior fron a '62 or '63 GT as well as the T-10 4 speed.

      The engine is in great shape, the compresion is spot on to spec, it doesn't use oil, no leaks any where, and makes great power! It chirps into 3rd gear!

      She drives great,except for the tires at about 75 MPH, and everything I've done to her since I got her, has only improved the ride. New flanged axels, new twin traction diff, the wheels, tune up, she responds to the attention given her with benifits to the driver.

      Everything works. The clock, the radio, (I put in a new solid state vibrator, and installed a radiorad unit so we can listen to XM thru the stock AM.)

      I'm going to put up a little Picture essay on installing the flanged axels in the technical forum later.

      She handles good, but with a little to much body sway. I think I'm going to put in a larger sway bar up front.

      She's a hoot to drive, and is an instant celebrity every where we go!

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        Doug, I traveled from the state of Virginia to Carson City, NV on Tuesday and passed through Virginia City about 2:30. I was shocked to see this baby parked along main street! Beautiful car.


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          Did it look sompthin' like this?

          What, was you in a hurry or what?

          It was a nice day for a spin, so the Bride, and I Ended up here:


          We were probably across the street having lunch. Ya shoulda Stopped and looked around. The Hawk is never far from my sight.
          Maybe next time huh? Or are you still in the area? I'm retired, and just sitting around, we could meet.



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            Was only there for a day Doug and now back in Virginny. Catch you next time. Enjoy that Hawk!


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              I wanted to add:

              Thanks everybody for all the kind comments.
              Being brand new to all this, Studebakers, and the classic car world, it has been a vary steep learning curve indeed. The folks in this forum, and the local SDC members in the area, Have all been first class people the whole way! Very supportive. Its been nothing but fun. This is the kind of attitude that makes a orginazation Thrive, and grow.

              In fact the few folks I've met at the one show and shine my wife, and I attended before the season ended have been the best sort of people I've had the privilege to come across in quite a few years. Its like a whole new world has opened up for us. At our age it has been a pleasent surprise!

              In the sort time involved in this, we've been in three parades! What a blast it has been in such a sort time.

              I realize that I'm just the current cartaker of this car, and have a real desire to do right by her for the future. There is just a couple more things that need to be adressed, and she should be good to go for the next 56 years.

              Once again, thanks you guys!



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                Are the problematic cokers bias ply or radials?
                Diesel loving, autocrossing, Coupe express loving, Grandpa Architect.


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                  They are radials.
                  Next time its a liitle more warm, I'm going to try a little more air presure , and see if that helps. I found out my brand new air guage is reading 5 pounds low, when I checked it against the others in the man cave. Drat!


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                    Nope, not liking the wheels or the red trim.
                    My first car on the road again!

                    The old girl has never been sold to the public
                    Grandpa was a Studie dealer. He got it off the car carrier in 1956 and drove it until 1959
                    My dad: 1959-70


                    Me: 1970-2015 and counting!