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    Following on from the Assuie Racing Stude posts, I am the previous owner of the R4 Commander. I own the 1963 R4 Avanti,serial no 63R-2328 with engine no B79 R4.The Avanti has been discussed on this forum previously(Oct 2008) The Avanti is for sale and details and photos can be found on the Web site : It appears under the Studebaker banner.The R4 engine was supplied as a complete engine assembly by Paxton Products to the original owner in 1967 A photo of both the Commander and the Avanti engine bays can be seen on Bob Johnstone's site "Studebaker and Avanti "page "Technical and Trouble Shooting" R3/R4.

    I propose to advertise in Turning Wheels , however Forum participants can benefit by this early notification.

    Genuine buyers may contact me through carsales site

    Kevin Bell
    Perth West Aust