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  • Does anyone remember.....So Cal

    I grew up in a tiny little town in So Cal called Etiwanda, now (Rancho Cucamonga) On the North East side of Foothill Blvd(Route 66) and Etiwanda Ave there was an old gent named Dwain that had an old 20's vintage service station and in his shop area was One of the first 1957 Supercharged Golden Hawks it was all gold with a silver insert in the wing, He also had a beautifull Silver hawk, a few vintage caddy's and a 50 GMC truck. Dwain's been gone since the late 80's but I alway's wondered what happened to His Awsome Studes. Anybody???

    Patrick Sammon
    Patrick Sammon

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    my 60 Lark was purchased off of Etiwanda Ave. It was in an Inland Empire CL ad years ago. I don't know the area at all, I live in AZ
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      My brother lives in Rancho Cucamonga. It hasn't been since the 80s, but that place has changed a lot in the last 30 years. In fact, it used to be called Cucamonga till the jokes piled up so high that they felt a need to create a better "image" by adding Rancho to their name.


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        Too far inland for me to remember, I lived in the South Bay area most of my life. Hawthorne, Redondo Beach, Gardena, Torrance, and Lawndale. I liked the cool, dry and not too hot climate, IMO the best in the World!

        It is just too bad I can't afford to go back, and it is NOT the place I left in 1979 or 1998.
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          San Fernando area I have been around since 1947. Back in my day, the 60's that was a long drive.


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            I lived in Etiwanda in the early seventies (just before they combined the cities of Etiwanda, Alta Loma & Cucamonga into Rancho Cucamonga) I remember seeing the old service station but none of the vehicles.
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              I grew up and lived in Orange County from 1955 untill 1982. Bought a house in Temecula, Riverside County, and lived there 25 years.
              I did live in Chino for about 6 months in 1977 and remember the livestock auctions they had every week off Etiwanda Ave and the I-10.
              It was very rural there back then. Moved out of CA in 2004.


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                I grew up in Highland, and now live up 'the hill' in the hi-desert (hesperia) I think that's where all the studes went... lots of them up here... jim


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                  i remember that service station, but not the Studes. i grew up in Pomona after the family moved there from Kentucky from 1960 to 1980. moved to Hesperia and was there from '80 -'86, until moving to NC... my parents moved to "Rancho Cucamonga" in '89 - near Foothill Blvd (Route 66) and Haven Ave. the last time i was there was in late '07. i don't recall the station being there then, since i hardly recognized the place due to the growth. maybe "google earth" would have pics of the location.

                  anyway, here's a pic of the Cucamonga Service Station a few years earlier than i was there: Click image for larger version

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                  courtesy of a thread from "rockne10": http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...-in-the-1930-s
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