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54 Champion in Southern Virginia

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  • 54 Champion in Southern Virginia

    Received the message below. I have no knowledge of the car. Please contact Mr. Raimondi if you're interested in it.

    About four years ago, I spotted a 1954 Champion Coupe in a farmers field in Southern VA. Last Thursday, I went by to see if the car is still there. It is. The county is trying to clean up the junk, and I fear this car is headed for the crusher soon. I am restoring an old Harley and do not have the time, money or facility to do anything about this car. The old guy who owns it, when I talked to him about it 4 years ago, said the car runs. He wanted $1000 then. He might be dead now. I will gladly let anyone who can save this car, know where it is. He would not let me into the field to inspect the car, but as far as I can see from the road, the car looks complete. It looks like it has been sitting there 25 years. Needs total restoration.
    Rick Raimondi 919-852-1484 or send e-mail

    Skip Lackie
    Washington DC
    Skip Lackie