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Did something cool(i think it is) to my 59 lark today

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  • Did something cool(i think it is) to my 59 lark today

    bought some exhaust tips- i had them on before some red led lighted ones, bought some purple ones , they are fatter and they stick out more, put them on my lark today. matches the neon purple license plate i have on it. always looking to do something new to it. . i like them . looks kind of cool. as always im buying stuff for car,new stuff, different stuff than i had on last and previous years for the coming summer cruise ins. just when it looks like im done, i find something else. going to paint the trim inside the car this spring, there is ugly brown trim inside, everything else is done, going to paint it black the trim in the interior doors. i have silver brocade fabric on the panels. want to make it look more "regal" as i own a lark regal vi. thought instead of stuffed animal mascots this year- they are kind of cumbersome lugging back and forth, id get a big standup cutout to go with the look. they got them on ebay, life size standups of elvis and marilyn monroe and such.add to the 50s theme of the car. i like to do different things along with the car to give kids something to look at too, sometimes they look bored while the parents are looking at the cars. give them something to do