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  • 64 Studebaker (New Home)

    Bought this 64 Stude this week. Here are the door and engine numbers. All original except for the paint. Being told it is a "very few made" model. Discussions welcome on what I have here.
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    Well, it's not an Avanti or a truck, it has a 289 built on Oct. 21, 1963 and a dana 44 R/A.
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      I will bite. It is a 289 engine. Fairly early in production, based on serial no. Probably built in Sept. of 1963. Bsed on the five leaf springs, I am thinking wagonaire. I see a hole in a bracket down by the leaf spring as well, so could have had a torision bar. Let's see the firewall plate and that will definetly narrow it down. Also, a pix ofthe car.



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        First stop should be the quarterworks with a half dozen cans of Gunk degreaser....
        Then go home and show the wife....
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        Note: SDC# 070190 (and earlier...)


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          Well, it is the only one made with that Serial Number! Pics? Description? BP
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            Umm ... 49th one made and a 35 amp alternator. That's all I got.


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              A greasy V8 '64 Studebaker?
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                That rear end is not a '64 or the same car, with the '64 Serial because it has '62 and earlier Rear Shocks and lower spring brackets. A little mod. to get the Traction Bars Stabilizer Bar Ears? I smell a Performance Model.

                Update: Edited out the Traction Bar comment.
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                  Single exhaust system. Not original?


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                    That's the 9050th '64 V8 Studebaker, as serial nos. started at 64V-1001.

                    I'm going from memory (a dangerous thing!), but I know a fellow who had 64V-14402 and I was thinking it was built in late October, and delivered in Nov. '63. It sort-of seems to be that a 10/21/63 engine build date is too late for that serial number of car, unless Studebaker was decades-ahead-of-the-game in 'just in time' production methods!

                    Course, I could be all wrong on this!
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                      Just in front of the Alt. pic I see what looks to be the the word ADD, what part has those letters?


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                        Originally posted by JEWELL View Post
                        Just in front of the Alt. pic I see what looks to be the the word ADD, what part has those letters?
                        How about a radiator overflow bottle? ADD at this line...


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                          My Daytona is 64V-15001 and it was built 10/30/63.
                          Tom - Bradenton, FL

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                            Maybe this is the car.

                            Bob Langer


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                              Originally posted by Bob Langer View Post
                              I think you are right and it has an add on overflow bottle. Car is not on Craig's List anymore.