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Anyone taken a closer look at this?

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  • Anyone taken a closer look at this?

    I've seen this car advertised and wondered what the catch was, besides no rear bumper or trunk handle? Has anyone actually gone to look at it?
    It looks nice and straight.

    Just tormentin' myself.


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    This car looks really, really familiar. I'm sure it's been discussed here before - just can't pinpoint where!

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      I think for at least two (or more) years this car has been popping up on eBay, craigslist, and other venues. Some with more pictures than others. The most detailed pictures have shown rust, cracked paint and other issues. Prices have been all over the place as well. There is a reason it has not sold and keeps reappearing, I have been puzzled by it. I wouldn't touch it at any price without being able to eyeball it and make any transaction for it in person.
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        Dick Quinn has weighed in on this car...and not all that favorably, IIRC. BP
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          I figured it was still there for a reason, especially since there weren't any interior shots. I guess the color catches my fancy and it looks straight. Kinda purty.


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            what i recall from threads here, it was a bondo & rust bucket! i think some of the guys from Washington State have seen it and may be able to confirm my memory.
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