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    A Patch Of Blue with Sydney Pouotierre (sp)
    Nice black Hawk in a bunch of city scenes...

    quote:Originally posted by S_Ferrell

    I had mentioned earler that other than my sickness for studes, I also have a sickness for rotten horror movies. Would anyone like to know what movies starred Studes? Just for fun.
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      No one has mentioned Jim Carey in "Mask". I spotted a quick shot of a 53 coupe in a horrendous flick on Mystery Science Theater called "Egah". I think the guy who played Egah went on to be a villan in a James Bond movie. There's a bio-pic on Bix Beiderbecke with a prominent Stude touring car but I haven't seen it and don't know what it's called.
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        Another MST freak!. Egah became Jaws in a James Bond movie, the title escapes me at the moment. I remember The Late Show with Tom Snyder. He had Little Richard on as a guest one night. Little Richard said that he went into music to earn money for his first car. Mr. Snyder (who I think is a closet car freak) asked the make. Little Richard said that his first car was a 1950 Champion. There was a Stude in the first "Men In Black" movie, what was it?


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          A Champ pickup in a picture of what's his names first contact with aliens.


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            There may be some appearances of a 1964 or 1966 Studebaker in the TV series 'Mayberry RFD'. According to trivia I found on the movie database, Frances Baiver, who portrayed Aunt Bee in both 'The Andy Griffith Show' and 'Mayberry RFD', was "a life long exponent of Studebaker automobiles". According to the trivia, the last car Ms. Bavier bought was a Studebaker. Some sources state that the car was a 1964 and others report it as a 1966. In any case, the car was alleged to have made appearances in 'Mayberry RFD'. The movie database reports that after Ms. Bavier's death in 1989, two Andy Griffith fans purchased her Studebaker at auction for $20,000.


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              I just remembered that when I was 17 (as a "stand in" for the crook) I drove our '55 Champion sedan as the getaway car in a school Film Society production - I think that its pretentious, Latin title may have been "Ut Proficias". It was never released, of course.

              I was to drive as fast as possible past the cameraman, but the narrow, country road available did not have a very long straight section. I made repeated runs, starting at the very furthest limit possible and floored the gas pedal - and yes, the auto started in first gear, I am sure. I think that I achieved about 60mph at the critical moment - great fun! (There were no out-of-town speed limits in the UK in those days.)

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                A few other films featuring Studebakers that come to mind are...

                MISCHIEF....previously mentioned as 'Reckless'.
                GREASE 2
                PAST TENSE
                HOT ROD
                AMERICAN GRAFFITI
                HOLLYWOOD OR BUST
                MURPHY'S ROMANCE
                BACK TO THE FUTURE
                MISTER ED (tv)

                I'll try to remember more later.

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                  'Catch Me if You Can' with Tom Hanks has lots of good Stude shots.
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                    There was a great movie called D.O.A with Edmund OBrian. It was made in 1949. He had 24 hrs to find the person who posined him. He had a 1949 Stude Champ. convt. to help him.


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                      There is a very brief glimpse of a '59 Lark Deluxe Coupe in a Las Vegas street scene in the movie, "Goldfinger". Unfortunately only a glimpse.
                      When my wife and I saw the movie, I blurted out "there's a Studebaker". My wife didn't want to know me.
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                        Roger Ebert ownes Studebaker Hawk. Mabe we could ask him?
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                        Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
                        '33 Rockne 10,
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                          I've been watching an unfolding drama starring five hawks of late. Momma and Poppa Hawk have been using the Black Walnut tree in our back yard as a feeding station for their three fleged youngsters. There's lots of screechin' goin' on - although it's not from spinning tires.

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                            Maybe no Hawks,but in THe BIRDS'[Alfred Hitchcock], in the big fire scene,one of the nearest vehicles to the fire is an m-series pickup.

                            not golden hawk,not silver hawk,just hawk.


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                              Don't forget about the Mask with Jim Carrey, his loaner car from his mechanic was a '51 Land Cruiser. Also in Back to the Future, there is a green 53/54 Hard Top in several of the street scenes.


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                                My export 39 Commander featured in the opening sceens of the mick jagger Film ENIGMA made here in the UK about 4 years ago, hunt it out on tape